OSS Endpoint Manager Mitel 5224 and 5212

Hi All,

Having acquired some Mitel units I was keen to include them into the endpoint manager.

As default I could only see the 53xx range listed.

I have been playing around for the past few hours and managed to create a few new entries into the asterisk DB as well as copy/edit/upload some related config files.

I forgot to make notes but it would not be hard to replicate the process again.

What I was now keen to do was tidy it up and then make it available for anyone else to use.

Can anyone out there answer a few things for me.?

1: Does anybody else want this facility.
(I would not be surprised if I was the only one!)

2: Is there a KB with more information on how to correctly construct the files for the Mitel units. The link on the Import/Export page “Learn How to Create your own brand package here” is a little lacking in the helpful area.

3: Keen to try and get the BLF function correctly for the function keys. I have had a play with RSS feeds and they work well, I can get the speed dial functioning but would love that led to light up.

I have collected the Firmware files from v4 to v7 although I have flashed all mine now it would be nice to also include those keeping in mind the staged update process required if Version <= 4.

I would guess I am missing some language and tone files but I may find those in the collection I have in time.

In case it may interest someone, I have a working mitel 3300cx system so I can extract anything from that if required.

Oh, if I did not mention it FreePbx works great. I only wish I was in a position to support it more but am happy to do what I can, I tend to have a fair bit of free time and can use my fingers to make words. :slight_smile: