OSS EndPoint Manager - Issue

Good Day,

I am experiencing an issue with OSS EndPoint Manager when trying to modify any of the endpoints configured on my PBX.

Once modifications have been made and I try to save the changes they system fails with the following error messages:




epm_data_abstraction sql








What am I missing that is causing the system to fail on saving the changes in my endpoint set up?

As always thanks for any and all help in resolving my issue.


Andrew Stock

the short answer is it is a bad mysql call. The longer answer is it depends. This module hasn’t been touched in 4 years. Any php or mysql update could render it completely broken. My guess is there is a incompatible database call in the version you are running.

Hi James,

Thank you for your reply.

I think I have resolved my issue. I deleted the set and then recreated the MAC address in Endpoint Manager and then added the extensions I wanted changed and saved the configuration and the issue went away.

Thanks again.

Andrew Stock

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