OSS Endpoint manager issue with globals

Hello All,

I still have a few boxes I need to convert to the commercial EPM, but can’t at the moment with this server.

I was changing from TFTP to HTTP, this requires you to update your upgrade policy and in Advanced OSS EPM configuration and update the configuration type. When you do it, it appears to save, however I believe it’s not really updating the tftp files for cisco spa phones ( at least in my initial testing ).
I tried to write all the configuration files from the device manager, but no luck.

I still see: <Profile_Rule>tftp://$MA.xml</Profile_Rule>
rather than something like: <Profile_Rule>$MA.xml</Profile_Rule>

I believe it’s saving the configuration value of the type, but not updating globals.

There is no longer a submit type button, previously called “update globals”

Any suggestions?