**OSS Endpoint Manager - How to clean up after upgrade to newer phones and firmware?**

Hi, I just had a struggle to add a new Polycom SpIp 331 phone to an environment of older SpIp 301 and 501 phones. The process is documented but I made some errors… anyway:

It seemed (and this could be me) that the firmware available through the OSS EPM Package manager isn’t complete or up to date. Exporting the Polycom brand package, it appears to contain config files for firmware and 3.2.5 - although not the actual firmware “.ld” files.

Therefore I downloaded the relevant new bootloader 4.3.2 and sip application firmware 3.3.5 (yes I know, not the latest) from the Polycom site and set it up manually - along with all the configuration files - in the download directory of the provisioning server (which happens to be an Ubuntu box running vsftpd). I also retained sip application 3.1.8 which is the last one supported by the old phones. Eventually I got it to work.

My concern now is that OSS EPM will rewrite the config files - and maybe the firmware files too - how can I prevent that? Or more generally get EPM loaded with the versions that I am now using?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Norm Henderson
Clinica CEML - a charity hospital in Angola