OSS Endpoint Manager does not display correctly

Hello guys,

I am using the free version of EPM (ver which is the latest with FreePBX 13, and I am unable to edit the templates, when I click the pencil icon to edit , the pages loads all the XML parameters on the bottom of the page and all the way to the right, I have to scroll up and down and then when I click what I want to edit the pages scrolls back to the top and it does not allow me to edit. Also on the device list the FreePBX logo is right in the middle of the page and obstructs the view. I have tried viewing it on Chrome and IE. I also tried compatibility view on IE and still does not work. Any ideas?

Sorry to say that OSS EPM will not work with newer versions of FreePBX. This is due mainly in part of the ARI Framework being phased out. If you’re looking to run this module, the best support would be to use FreePBX 2.10 with Asterisk 1.8. However if you want to stay up to date with newer FreePBX and Asterisk, your choices are purchasing Commercial EPM. Or learning to deploy the configuration files for desired handsets via TFTP.

good luck

Considering it seems like OSS EPM has been abandoned… can it get pulled out of the repos?

IMO no point having it there if it doesn’t work with anything half modern. I use it under 2.11 but even then, it’s still kind of broken and only really half finished.

If it only works on 2.10 and below, then, let’s get rid of it.

If people really want it, then I guess they can pull it down from git?

If the questions in your last reply are directed at me; please note I’m note a Sangoma employee. :wink:


wow that blows!!! I know how to deploy the config files but I have to edit each config files one by one then reboot the phone manually, with the endpoint manager I would just edit the template, rebuild and reboot and forget about it. Can I have just one config file that applies to all devices?

May I suggest reading the administration manual for the handset to answer that question. I know with Polycom phones the single configuration file deployment is close to possible.

Commercial Endpoint Manager is available for like $75 for a 25 year license. I think this is a bargain. So, if writing out individual config files and their ongoing maintenance, this might cost you a couple of hours. It’s probably more expensive to the business to spend those hours on config files, than it is to just buy EPM and save your time for doing more useful work. (That’s how I’d phrase it my managers…)

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You do have a point there. Price is not bad either, I thought it was something crazy expensive. Thank you guys!

No because it has not been abandoned. There is a third party developer who has been working on it for months and still actively contributes to it. The ARI functionality is old and outdated but that’s only 1/5 of what OSS EPM does.

Hi Andrew - I appreciate you coming into this thread, and I apologise as I am taking it off topic now.

The reason why I think it should be taken out of the FreePBX 13+ repo is because, well, it doesn’t seem to work properly in these versions. Well, okay, the front-end doesn’t seem to work with the FreePBX WUI. I personally, tried installing it only a few weeks ago and certain items don’t display properly, I couldn’t download software packages or even view Brands (and, it’s in spanish).

Looking at github, the provisioner front end master branch doesn’t look like it’s had work done in about 2 years. And, endpointman backend seems to have newer commits - but still, wasn’t able to get things working, and the p.php file looked just as old as one from years ago.

Lastly, provisioner.net has had no content for a few years.

From the outside looking in it really seems like there isn’t much active development going on. That’s why I recommend people directly to Commercial EPM. Andrew, I also assumed that you’re efforts were being put into the Commercial version now.

I also got the impression that this has turned into a standalone project - and not a FreePBX Module anymore?

Please, I’d love to be corrected because under FreePBX 2.11 this was some really nice software. I assume, not as polished as Commercial EPM - but, personally, that’s not what I wanted. I would also like to contribute to the Brand Packages (I can’t PHP very well), so that the customisations I make for myself can be shared to the wider community.

Provisioner had commits published two months ago. The front end of provisioner has nothing to do with the backend part.

Honestly I am tired of repeating this statement but I do not and I never have worked on the commercial endpoint. I am not sure why or where people are getting that idea but it needs to stop. Schmooze and sangoma did not hire me to work on commercial EPM.

The OSS end point manager is, was, always has been a community developed project. If you use it and find value in it then contribute back to it. Submit patches, hire a dev to fix your issues and submit patches. The guy who ported it to 13 uses it and invested I imagine 100+ hours in updating it for everyone because he finds value in it.

Andrew, I’m not having a go at you. People probably make the same assumptions I did because you work for the very same company that released Commercial EPM. The general public aren’t privy to your specific roles and responsibilities at the place of your employment. All we can do is make observations, and put two and two together.

Thanks, James. I completely understand the meaning of “OSS” at the beginning of the name.

Anyway, my point has been missed. Or, maybe I’m missing the point?

I don’t know, and this thread just seems to be going the wrong direction. I give up.

All we are trying to say is that a community member is actively working on OSS which is why we don’t remove it from the mirrors.

Also that I don’t work on the commercial EPM. :slight_smile:

Okay - I don’t want to give up…

Can you point me (a network engineer, as opposed to a software engineer) to the right hints to get this working?

Which branch should I be looking at, and cloning from git (out of the provisioner project)? It says v5-dev (v5.3.3) is getting the most work, but there’s a newer versioned (v5.4) v5-dev2 branch?

Do I follow the documentation in the readme under the v5-dev branch?

“Someone” has it working under FreePBX 13 - where do I get that from? The version downloaded from Module Admin doesn’t seem to properly work in the FreepBX 13 WUI, from my experience. I’ve had no luck with cloning what’s on git to work under the FreePBX UI - but, most likely I’m doing something wrong.

Or - is Provisioner a stand alone application now? “Provisioner Module for VoIP/PBX Servers” is what makes me think this project isn’t tied into FreePBX as tightly anymore? Stand alone server would be very cool…

I know it’s a lot of questions but it’s only because I can’t find this information out anywhere else. I’m happy to put in work to get this working but I’m struggling to figure out where to even begin, and then, am I beginning at the right spot? (Last night I was going to try get the v5-dev branch working on a dev box but stopped short thinking - what if this is the complete wrong version and wrong place to start?).