Oss endpoint manager conflict with paid endpoint manager

I always have the errors when updating modules below since I have the paid endpoint manager. What am I supposed to do to get rid of these errors?

Errors with selection:
Phone Apps cannot be upgraded: The Module Named "Contact Manager" is required, but yours is disabled because it needs to be upgraded. Please upgrade Contact Manager first, and then try again. Please try again after the dependencies have been installed.You may confirm the remaining selection and then try the again 
for the listed issues once the required dependencies have been met:
Upgrades, installs, enables and disables:
OSS PBX End Point Manager  will be upgraded to online version Phone Restart  will be upgraded to online version 13.0.6

You’d have to remove the free OSS End Point Manager to get rid of these errors. If you’re already using the paid version no point in having the free version as well.

I removed it once already but it came back.

Uninstall and then remove it so it isn’t locally available anymore. Likely it was reinstalled in error.

It might have came back after I upgraded to 13 now that I think about it.

did you do a install all while installing? That would do it. Had that happen to myself prior.

Don’t remember… but thank you!

You’re welcome!