OSS Endpoint Issues

I'm having issues getting a couple phones properly provisioned using the OSS Endpoint Provisioning Tool. I have a Polycom 331 and a Polycom 335.  The phones communicate with the server and install the files but the following isn't working:

  • Date/Time flashing on the phone
  • The phone doesn't ring when it's being called.  When I pick up the handset I can communicate with the other end fine
  • There's no dialtone when picking up the handset

I'm looking to begin offering FreePBX to some clients but want to test out the system before hand.  Am I better off getting the commercial version of the endpoint manager?  

Here are screenshots of the settings:

Endpoint Configuration 1


It was my mistake. I didn’t fill in the following fields in the OSS Endpoint Configuration:

Time Zone (like USA-5)
Time Server (NTP Server)

I’m not sure why this would affect the phone ringing but it works now.