OSS Endpoint installation help

I am attempting to install the Endpoint manager to support my Polycom 33x phones, and have run into a bit of a snag. I have run the steps that the module has presented but it is currently saying “Local TFTP Server is not correctly configured”. Is there a step for the /tftpboot/ folder or a user permission that I need to correct?


Have you setup and made sure the tftp server is running. This step would be unrelated to that folder.

The tftp server is up and running. I am not sure what configurations need to be made to make the endpoint like it though.

You need to set DHCP option 66 so the phones can find the boot server.

Is the error message “Local TFTP Server is not correctly configured” coming from the Endpoint manager or the telephone?

It’s coming from the Endpoint manager. I was able to get around it with plain FTP though.