OSS End Point Manager

For some odd reason end point manager stopped updating the config file. If I change one of the settings in the manager it shows a change but the template for the phone doesn’t update. Also I can’t manually change the config file for each phone. I can change it but it won’t save the settings.

Fpbx13. end point 2.11.12

There is a community member putting a massive amount of work in to bringing the OSS EPM current for 13. In 13 there is a little less tolerance for “lazy coding” and some things like undeclared variables and missing arrays break.

You can try the 13 version and see if it works for you… There has been I thousands of lines of code changes. I think it is under the beta track

I just did a full update to 13 and the problem is still there. Now when I try to look at the package manager to update it, it gives me a SQL error and wont look for anything. Thoughts?

I have used freepbx appliances and dell R210 servers with dual SSDs in a raid one with software raid or perc 6i cards.

Good luck finding a non name server

So the recent update to EPM fixed the SQL problem. The first problem of not saving custom config files and updating the files still exist. Ideas? I have reverted to manually making the files and putting them in the tftp folder. Since fpbx isn’t updating them I figure they are in no harm.