OSS End Point manager doesn't "push"

I have FreePBX (PIAF distro) hosted on RentPBX. I installed OSS PBX End Point Manager Everything works fine, except “push” operations don’t work. For example, I can’t deploy configuration to the phones, and I can’t reboot phones from the server. The only way to update configuration is to login directly to the phone and reboot it (unrelated to the question, but if I keep provisioning protocol to TFTP, the phone keeps rebooting forever. So, it’s set to HTTP, and if I need to update configuration, I log on to the phone, change provisioning to TFTP, and reboot).

Anyway, is it possible to reboot the phone from the server? Do I need to open a port on the firewall? Is there something else that may be blocking?


What brand and model of phone?

When you are using TFTP are you setting option 66 so the phones nkow where to download the configs from?

The phones are Grandstream 2100 and 2120.
When you are using TFTP are you setting option 66 so the phones [know] where to download the configs from?
The phones have no problem downloading config files from TFTP. Does it mean that the answer to your question is “yes”?

More to the point - will that help pushing Reboot command from the server to the phone?

No the reboot command is a SIP notify. You can send the notify from the Asterisk CLI for testing.

All the different scripts are off of notify.conf

How would I do that from command line? That said, I assume that clicking “reboot the phone” button on OSS End Point manager screen does exactly that. So the real question is, how would I troubleshoot that it doesn’t reboot the phone?

The phone is registered with PBX, so I would think that traffic from PBX goes through the firewall fine (since the phone rings). Is it a different port?

Go to sip settings. Set your Bind Address (at the bottom of the page) to your external IP, where the phones are registering to. If you have internal and external phones you are going to be SOL, however this will normally fix rebooting of phones for/from rentpbx and freepbxhosting

Did exactly what you said. PBX is on rentpbx - so that would be perfect (no internal phones to worry about). I even rebooted the phone manually in hopes that it will take this setting during registration. However, the phone couldn’t care less about my attempt to reboot it from the server…

Most phones will only reboot if a change is made to the configuration file. When you tell it to check config if the config is different it reboots and grabs the new config. Some phones depending on the change in the config file wont even reboot. Their is no way on most phones to force a remote reboot.

I am going to accept that this is the case with this phone. After all, we are now in production; so I don’t expect too much need for reboot in the first place; and if we do - I’ll just log into the phone directly.
This is not the problem that is visible to the users; so I am going to give up on it. Not worth the trouble :slight_smile: