OSS End Point Manager Device Specific Config Bug or Feature?

Hi guys,

I was trying to work out how to specify a per-device station name for SPA509Gs we are deploying and got rather confused by the differences on the OSS Endpoint Device List page between the Template and Device Specific config. I would have thought that Device Specific config would simply allow one to override the template config, without having to create a custom template for each device. This would enable customizing individual device settings but being able to edit common settings in the common template.

After some investigation and looking through the module code I discovered that editing the template used the data from the brand/model specific template json files, but editing the Device Specific config used the data from global_template_data.json instead and didn’t give you access to override brand/model specific config that you could edit when editing the template.

This doesn’t seem right and would make a lot more sense if you could overwrite particular brand/model config items for each device rather than trying to edit config parameters defined in the global_template_data.json, while not being able to override any of the brand/model config items for the specific device.

I believe this seems to be a bug rather than by-design as it doesn’t make much sense, so I’ve posted it in http://www.freepbx.org/trac/ticket/6298

If I just don’t understand something can someone point me in the right direction, as editing the global template data that doesn’t even get edited anywhere else for device specific config is super confusing.