OSS End Point Manager - Aastra "Transfer"

There is no feature for just “Transfer” How can this be added to the configuration files?

OSS PBX End Point Manager

There are 2) BLF Transfers

  1. Speed Dial Transfer

Programmable key 1 Type:

Empty Callers List Intercom Services Speed Dial Line BLF List Do Not Disturb XML URL Park Directory Auto Call Distribution [Sylantro Server] Directed Call Pickup [Sylantro Server] Flash Server Specific Services [sprecode] Last Call Return Call Forward BLF Transfer Speed Dial Transfer Speed Dial Conference BLF Transfer Conference Phone Lock Paging


Firmware Version
Firmware Release Code SIP
Boot Version
Date/Time Jul 9 2010 20:33:29

None Line Speeddial Do Not Disturb BLF BLF/List Auto call distribution Directed Call Pickup XML Flash Sprecode Park Pickup Last Call Return Call Forward BLF/Xfer Speeddial/Xfer Speeddial/Conf Directory Callers List Conference Transfer Intercom Services Phone Lock Paging