Has anyone come across an easy way to add OSLEC to this new recipe? I am used to a pretty straight forward install from source with Ubuntu. Centos is just not my bag.

Also I did a test install with the Sangoma Wanpipe RPM and noticed it doesn’t see or list the U100 USB FXO adapter. That’s a “bread & butter” necessity on my small form factor, soho systems. I tried the official Sangoma RPM install and it just blew up in my face. Has anyone built a system with the “Distro” and a U100??

Downloaded source for dahdi-linux-2.4.0 and improvised from these instructions.


I did not have all of their devel prereqs installed. Once I yummed them I was “golden” using their “from source” installation instructions and a download and untar of dahdi 2.4.0