Orphaned 99xxx extension

I had an extension, let’s say 101. Then I deleted extension 101.
‘sip show peers’ no longer displays an entry for 101, as expected, but there is an offline extension 99101, what gives?

(it’s referenced in extensions_additional.conf, which is a system file so editing it directly won’t help)

this is a bug… We have fixed simular issues in a few places.

Please file a ticket at http://issues.freepbx.org

Basically a hook needs to be added to clean up when an extension is deleted.

Thanks, issue created, 11694
I assume it’s safe to just ignore these for now, right? They’re not doing any hard at all and at some point there’ll be an update and they’ll just disappear?

I had the same issue. What I did to fix was exported the csv from bulk extensions replace the ext numbers with 99 the next # where the ext number was added 99 to the front of it.

To avoid a dangling thread: This is likely to be patched soon (thanks TheJames) and there’s an easy way to remove these entries using http://yourpbx/admin/config.php?display=devices

Before that information, I just created an ‘actual’ 99101 extension and then deleted it, which worked too, but that devices page is better, though I know of no way to reach it using the UI menus.