Originate failed without further information

I use the Asterisk engine with the FreePBX administration panel. For tests I use Phoner. I want to originate a call to a given number. For now I just want to originate a call from one extension to another (for testing purposes). If that works I would try to call a “real” phone number.

For the coding part I use NodeJs with the Asterisk-Manager module (https://www.npmjs.com/package/asterisk-manager)

Multiple extensions of type pjsip got configured with the FreePBX.

This is my phone module:

const asterisk = require('asterisk-manager');
const { port, host, user, password, events } = require('../config.json').phone;
const ami = new asterisk(port, host, user, password, events);

module.exports = () => {
        action: 'originate',
        channel: `SIP/007`,
        exten: 111,
        context: 'default',
        priority: 1
    }, (err, res) => {
        if (err) {
            // throw err;


I took this resource for my code


When I want to call someone I have to pass in the target phone number to the channel? Like SIP/${targetPhoneNumber} ?

What is the context and the priority?

When I execute my code I get the error “Originate failed” but no further information. What might be wrong?

Without knowing what you are doing, I would guess that your channel would look like this:

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