Originate Call Freepbx 14 UCP

Just upgraded to Freepbx 14 – i am running latest asterisk etc…

Under the old UCP I had the ability to click on a CID number in the voicemail section / widget which would then provide me with the option to originate a call back to that CID from my extension.

Currently i am given the option to originate the call from my extension – but when i click on originate my extension does not ring – allowing me to “click to dial” back the CID number from the VM

I have already clicked on Yes - under user mgmt – UCP – Misc – Enable originate calls for that extension


There is no originate option in UCP 14 at this time.

Is one under development / consideration?

Thanks for the quick reply

Yes! It’s in the list!

Perfect! Thanks!

‘Watch’ this ticket for auto progress updates:

It seems that originate call is mostly implemented. Because if I click on a (incoming) phone number I do get the option to “originate call” which also works just fine. This also works for our contact manager contacts. So this feature is kinda working.

The only thing that is missing is: use a custom number for originate calls. This feature was present in UCPv13: