OptiPoint 410 economy SIP firmware


Hope someone can help! Finally started work on our PBX, but I’m stuck with a load of Siemens Optipoint 410 economy phones on the wrong firmware.

If some kind soul could help me find the correct SIP firmware I’d be eternally grateful.

I have a large install that has a boat load of these phones too. The have many remote sites and want to reuse their Optipoint 41s0 also. I have not found this firmware yet and as far as I can tell you need to have a login to Siemens portal to down load it. I too would be grateful if someone could help find the SIP firmware.

Even having the login doesn’t help we still can’t find it. I work for a recycling / re-use social enterprise, without this firmware these phone will ultimately become waste.

If I do manage to find it I’ll gladly pass it on.

Any luck finding firmware?

If yes, please upload http://carl4.carlnet.ee/upload/