"Optional Destinations" FreePBX 2.9 (EXTENSIONS)

If an inbound call to a specific extension has no answer (and if using the optional destinations feature in FreePBX 2.9) …

The call is ‘sent’ to a ring group (ringing all other phones) …

Is there a way to ‘pull the call’ back to the original extension for voicemail (if there is no answer at the ring group destination)?

We want to avoid the general voicemail box for the ring group if a call is missed at someones desk.

Not sure of a way optional destinations can be pulled back.

You could implement similar with ring groups. Have the incoming call go to a ring group instead of directly to the extension. If you use memoryhunt it is similar to what you are asking for, but probably not close enough.

You could do very close to what your asking with multiple ring groups.

Say you have extensions 6000, 6001, 6002.

Incoming calls intended for extension 6000 get routed to ring group 6100.
Ring group 6100 rings 6000, goes to ring group 6200 if no answer.
Ring group 6200 rings 6001, 6002 goes to voicemail for 6000 if no answer.

Ring group 6101 rings 6001, goes to 6201 if no answer

repeat for other extensions.