Optional Destination Prefix and Bulk Handler

Good $localtime, everyone.
I am trying to batch import an Extensions-file into my FreePBX
Problem is, the values for noanswer_cid, busy_cid and chanunavail_cid are processed as empty.
I can see them correctly in the preview mask during import, but they are empty in the imported extension.

They also delete any value that would have been in the Extension previous to import.

Could anyone confirm this behavior or give me a hint as to what i am doing wrong?


This was reported and noted as fixed: https://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-15339

What version of core and bulk handler modules are you using?

huh. I did some extensive googling before posting here, sorry for the oversight…
I got the following versions running:

Bulk Handler

Working just fine for me:

| bulkhandler          | 13.0.15    | 
| core                 | |

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