Option to have all internal calls to an extension act like an intercom call (auto-answer), but external calls still ring

This was mentioned last November and at the time I didn’t see a need for this. However I have recently been enlightened by several key systems that treat internal calls this way. Was there any development done on this?

John Faubion

This feature is in 2.9

Did you look at the release notes?

Well I tried. I went to here:


What I got was:

If you’re upgrading from a previous version, READ THESE FIRST.

FreePBX 2.3 know issues
FreePBX 2.2 RC3 Issues
2.1.1 - 2006-05-30
2.1beta1 - 2006-04-27

FreePBX 2.3 know issues
Release notes for 2.1.1

Now maybe you read this differently in Ohio, but here in Texas I don’t see anything about 2.9 in that list. In fact I can’t believe just how well the release notes have been hidden on the website.

UPDATE: Yes the release notes are in fact in the tar file. Still don’t know why they aren’t available from the above link.

That page is quite old. We should do some housekeeping.

I will actually be in Dallas 8/19 maybe I can bring some of our Ohio cool weather with me.

Anyway, the release notes in the tar file are great, I just read the submissions in the tracker at regular intervals. The developers leave all notes with the commits.

Did the feature work for you?

Sorry if I sounded like a Smart a**

I have updated the book page with the text from Milestone.

This feature is exactly what we were looking for. Next project is updating several trixbox systems to FreePBX 2.9.

So Scott, are you flying your Centurion into Dallas the 19th?

No flying commercial.

$3000 vs $300

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