Option to create PJSIP trunk missing

See the bug here that was abruptly closed as a support issue:

After running the RPM upgrade from FreePBX13 to SNG7, the option to create a PJSIP trunk is missing from my GUI. See the screenshot below. I’m not sure why this is being dubbed as a support issue… Am I missing something? Is there a new location to create PJSIP trunks?


sorry replied using wrong account initially -

in advanced settings , what channel drivers are specified ?
go to settings > advanced settings and search for the word driver …

the options for sip channel driver is either chan_sip , pjsip , or both - whats this set to on the affected system ?

Cool, setting to ‘both’ helped.

What is strange is that PJSIP was available before the upgrade, and my existing PJSIP trunks were still working It wasn’t until I needed to add another trunk that this was noticeable.

So, perhaps the bug is that after the upgrade the GUI thinks that SIP driver is only CHAN_SIP despite the fact that both are truly enabled… Correct?

awesome - yeah as soon as i read it i remembered the same thing had happened to me on an upgrade or two - not sure whats triggering it and even more unsure of how we could get some meaningful info to development to correct it

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