Option 66 data altered on S500

I’m using option 66 from my switch and the data is altered.

Switch config:
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp pool Phones
option 66 ip

result is:
Option 66 screenshot

Can anyone tell me why this would be?

Does the sangoma phone expect a URL instead of an IP? How would I resolve a URL without DNS. is there a “hosts file” as windows has?

just for your information, with grandstream phone i use

option 66: http://IP_ADDRESS:PORT (for example

I use windows 2012 dhcp server.

Wait you can use Option 66 for HTTP provisioning?!

@jessy5765, are you asking me?

Yes, I use option 66 for http provisioning.

So you are sending it as ascii . . . I’m not sure the Cisco switch does that by default if there is an IP in that position.

try with : option 66 ascii XXXXX

I found that option - will try when I get home.
Doesn’t explain why I can’t push it from the FreePBX GUI though. Makes me thing this is a different problem than I’m looking for.

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