Opt in/out of the Queue


So there are 10 static agents in a queue on a ringall strategy. When someone is trying to dial out while there are calls in the queue, and the phone rings, it interrupts the dial and he/she would have to wait for the call to go back to the queue to continue dialing. This is frustrating.

One option that I thought of is to set up dynamic agents for the queue. Except that looks like queue stats are reset after every logout, login to the queue. (from queue show ). So this option wont work for me.

Are there any other alternatives, that can always prioritize a phone to be able to dial out and still allowing an agent to be static member of the queue?

Thanks in advance.

What type of phone are you using? I ask because I know that Aastra phones have an option “Incoming call interrupts dialing” which can be disabled. Perhaps your phone has something similar.

It is a Cisco 7940 series phone. Any clue if it has the feature?

You could just try going to Do Not Disturb on the phone before dialing out. That might be a quick fix.