Operator Group Functionality


I have FreePBX setup with Polycom IP601 & IP430 Phones

  1. I want to be able to setup an Operator Group for example (ext 2100)
  2. I want to be able to use this Group (ext 2100) in the Queus module
  3. I want all the phones who - have this group ext 2100 - to ring ALL at the same time
  4. Although I set this up in the manner, this functionality does not work.

Here is what happens…

  1. first phone rings,
  2. then the 2nd phone rings,
  3. and then the 3rd phone rings,
  4. It cycles between phones even though I tell FreePBX to RING ALL PHONES
  5. not all 3 phones ring at the same time (these 3 phones share the ext 2100)

My Temporary Work around…

  1. I give everyone an ext (example ext 2101,2102,2103)
  2. I set up these extensions in the Queues Module
  3. It works
  4. All ext (2101,2102,2103 ring at the same time)


  1. I do not want to use all these extensions
  2. I want to use one Group Extension (example 2100)
  3. have this group ext shared by many phones - as the operator group

Any Solutions as to how to make this work ?

Thank you

What if you use a ring group with ext 2100 in it instead of queues?

I wanted to use the Ques instead and was not sure if the Ring Groups would work in this manner

I can try and see if it makes a difference


  1. Does this mean I would have to use the ring group extension Number in the Que ???
  2. Will this work ?


Ring Groups Doesnt work either

fyi: each phone must have a unique extension number so that the system can talk to each phone.

You can create a ring group with that number and place each extension number in that ring group with the ring strategy of “ringall”. We use it for “0” operator when 4 phones in the group.

It works great.


Apparantly When I place the ring group number and put it in the Que, It doesnt work like I wished.

From my understanding - Placing the Phone (internally) sharing the group extension - should allow this to work - but I tried this too, to no avail.

It bypasses the RINGALL and sequentially distributes the call - It seems someone (Engineer) decided not to impose this functionality for the time being.

Thank you for your support


You write about placing phones in an Operator Group, but I can not find the definition for ‘Operator Group’ in FreePbx or Asterisk .
Maybe I have overlooked it, but what do you mean with this term?

  • a ring group
  • an extension with follow-me defined
  • ZAP channel DID’s
  • a Dial(ext1&ext2&ext3 …
  • a queue

  • Depending on how you ave implemented the ‘Operator Group’, this might give a clue to the cause of your problem.



I would like to place one extension (EX: 2100) in the Que

and then assign that extension to multiple phones

WHen people call in - would like these phones to ring ALL at the same time

What happens is - it round robbins between phones even though I have the RING ALL setting active


walt. You can’t create a “extension” that is shared on multiple phones like on Key systems. You can create seperate extensions and group them together in some way like ring group.


Thank you for your response

I’ve already tried this

Created one extension (2100) - registered it with multiple phones -
when a caller comes into the que, the phone rings one at a time, not ALL at the same time

I tried to place the ext as a shared extension - it doesnt seem to work

The only way it will work - if I give every one a separate ext # and then put everyone’s ext in the que
then and only then - will all the phones ring at the same time

The problem with this is - I will have more extensions than I would care to keep track

Once again, thank you for your help

It looks like you define the sharing of the extenion outside of asterisk, like in the phone itself.

If so, then you should probably look in the phone manual to determine how you can let them ring at the same time.

Usually in freepbx you ‘share’ a number by placing the extensionnumbers of the individual phones in a ringgoup, or in a follow-me group, so on the FreePbx level, not on the phonelevel.

Have you tried placing the individual phones in a ringgroup, and this ringgroup in the queue?
If you did, can you list how you have specified the extensionlists and ringstrategie of the ringroup and the queue?

If you did not, why?

The name ringgroup denotes that this is intended for several extensions which should ring as a group,. It sounds to me that this is what you want.


Yes - Listing individual extension per SINGLE PHONE - and placing them in a que - works just fine
when you sellect RING ALL - they do just that - the ring all the phones in the que


The problem occurs - when you use the same ONE Extension in a que on MULTIPLE PHONES
The System does not RING ALL the phones at the same time - it distributes the ringing one phone at a time

I hope I made this clear

I want to create for example One Ext 2100 - as the Operator Group, and then use that extension for multiple operators.

I tried using groups - and this does not work either

You have a solution ?

Thank you

Why don’t you list the ring group definition you have tried?

In my case, I had placed 215 and 230 in a ring group, and defined a ring strategie Ringall for the group.

My console listed a.o.
– Executing [[email protected]:7] Dial(“Local/[email protected],2”, “SIP/230&SIP/215|20|rM(auto-blkvm)”) in new stack
– Called 230
– Called 215
– Local/[email protected],1 is ringing
– SIP/230-0a1b4a68 is ringing
– SIP/215-0a0f0810 is ringing

As you can see in this part of the log file

[Jun 14 06:30:06] VERBOSE[31834] logger.c: – SIP/230-0a1b4a68 is ringing
[Jun 14 06:30:06] VERBOSE[31834] logger.c: – SIP/215-0a0f0810 is ringing

Both extensions were ringing on the same time

Freepbx generates a
Dial(“Local/[email protected],2”, “SIP/230&SIP/215|20|rM(auto-blkvm)”)

As you can see at http://voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+cmd+Dial

It specifically states

If you wish to specify more than one channel for the Dial command to try — remembering that it will dial out on all of them simultaneously — separate them with the & symbol (there must not be a space before and after the ampersand). The channels can be different types; see Examples, below. Note that call progress information is not consistantly handled with multiple channels… consider using the ‘r’ option.

And dialing out on all of them simultaneously is just what you want.

So could you please

  • list the ring group definition you have tried
  • list your queue definition
  • provide information of the time between the ringing of the 1st phone and the ringing of the 2nd phone
  • provide the part of the log file

I am trying to help here, but you need to provide the requested information. If I request information like
"Have you tried placing the individual phones in a ringgroup, and this ringgroup in the queue?
If you did, can you list how you have specified the extensionlists and ringstrategie of the ringroup and the queue?"

and you just answer
"I tried using groups - and this does not work either"

This doesn’t help me much.

Also, If you won’t take the time to provide the requested information, how much longer do you expect me to spend time trying to help you?