Operator Console that works with AMPEXTENSIONS=deviceanduser

Does anyone know of an operator console (like the flash panel) that works with devices and users instead of extensions?
The problem is that FOP pulls it’s list of phones from the devices list so it’s impossible to see who is logged on where.

I want this too!

Best place to ask would be on the author of the FOP on his site. Try http://www.asternic.org as he is the ultimate source of information on the FOP/Panel.

me too

Any news on this subject? Did anyone contact that asternic guy?
I definitely need a panel that works with freePBX in deviceanduser mode, too.

Just thought I’d ask to see if anyone has any news on this and put in my vote for this feature.

we have released 2 weeks ago the asterBoard, a operator panel which is very flexible on configuration,
it shows you which phone is connected and which not, it have a lott of features and it work as a Flash panel inside the Browser.
Please take a look to our website: http://www.astertools.com you can also see a video demo when you click on the image on the website.

You can download and test for free without limitations, with the Demo License it close the Application after every hour, but
you can restart the application again.


actually, you can now post this as feature request on the FreePBX trac, and asternic will see it!

Yes I saw he came on board the other day in the Dev channel. That is great news.

How do I post that as a request in the FreePBX trac?

Socs28 - just go to the bug tracker, and make a feature request, selecting FOP as the module.