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I have a few questions regarding OpenVPN.
I’m running FreePBX distro with OpenVPN configured via System Admin Pro.

I’m not sure where the system is associated my extension with OpenVPN client config.
I think there may be something cached but I don’t want to restart OpenVPN at the moment.

I was using my laptop to connect to the VPN for admin purposes. I then used the same VPN profile to connect a phone for some testing. Oddly OpenVPN was issuing the same IP to both clients. I created a new extension and associated it with a new OpenVPN profile and used that on my laptop. My laptop was still getting same IP and associating with the old extension. I forced a new IP by using CCD ifconfig-push on my new client file. This got me a new IP but it’s still associating with the old extension.

Question: what mechanism assocates a VPN client config with an extension. In the GUI Admin > System Admin > VPN Server > the associated extension to client config does not agree with the running server. Again I think restarting OpenVPN may fix this so my question is what is doing the association?

Second question: How can I get client-to-client working? I would really like to be able to reach the web interface of remote VPN client endpoints via my laptop while connected to the VPN. I’m not sure
if this is a firewall rule that’s blocking or if its the OpenVPN server config.

Third question: Is there a prefered config to redirect gateway for remote phones? My remote devices average about 250ms latency and I’m not redirecting gateway. I’m wondering if redirect gateway may solve an issue I’m having.

ISSUE: Remote phones connected over the VPN seem to work with one broken feature. They can’t do a three-way call. They get the dreaded ~30sec disconnect on the first connected channel.

for lack of audio RTP activity in 30 seconds

I still need to check the NAT settings on the remote phones (hence my desire for client-to-client feature).

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