OpenVPN server setup

hi all,

I want to deploy openvpn server on my freepbx system. I am using distro freepbx 14 and found that it’s already installed. but following the different guides from internet or youtube the configuration file structures is totally different than those of the use in tut-videos.

I don’t want to purchase system admin pro so please guide me how to setup pre-installed openvpn-server on freepbx 14 distro.

I want to use the android x-lite phone to use my vpn client to connect to server as voip is blocked on remote location.

If you can get the system admin pro then do it.

Look into installing Nyr on the top of FreePBX. You can create a new use by running wget -O && bash

I am not sure if this will break anything in FreePBX. In theory it should not but have not test this. So:

  1. Make sure you have a backup before you do so.
  2. Make sure the back up can be restored and is operational. Worse case scenario you will restore from a backup.
  3. Report back if works.

Report back either way.

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