Openvpn issue with lladdr command

I just installed FreePbX Distro, I’m trying to start openvpn but it won’t start because it doesn’t recognize lladdr commmand (for setting static Mac addrress).

Freepbx distro comes with openvpn 2.0.9 installed and there is an issue with this command which was fixed until version 2.1. Anyone knows how to uodate this version? If I remove rpm and do yum install openvpn it gets the 2.0.9 version again.

My main problem is that I use g729 codec, and if I reboot pbx or restart openvpn the hardware address changes and the codec’s license doens’t work anunore since it thinks is another host.

Any ideas on how to keep the mac address static or updating openvpn version to handle lladdr command?

Thanks All!!