Openvpn included in free system admin

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Just activated my server but I don’t see any vpn server tab when I click on system admin page,

Is this because I need to upgrade my activation ie buy it


Pro feature

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Will this allow users to connect in country’s who can’t connect/register to my freepbx system

It sets up an openvpn service on the PBX on TCP port 1194 to which openvpn clients can connect.

That depends on the country and how aggressively they inspect traffic to detect VOIP protocols, Some folks find that using TLS signalling bypasses some restrictive country based ’ firewalls’ because it just looks like https browser traffic but you might need also to implement encrypted RTP media outside where it is expected. .

Thanks @dicko

Can you enable tls on chan sip extensions or do they need to be made into chan pjsip extensions

Also do you know of any free soft phones I could use for sip tls

Yes you can, but I would move to pjsip if you aren’t using 5061 anywhere else
Many can do TLS, a solid uncomplicated one I use is GrandStream WAVE

@dicko I’m using softphones though out ie on computers and mobiles

Use a quality softphone, it will use TLS. Without the need to complicate things with OpenVPN.

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The FreePBX Distro includes OpenVPN, though it is not configured ‘out of the box’. The PRO version of System Admin includes a GUI to configure OpenVPN. However, you can configure it manually on a Distro without System Admin PRO, or you can install and manually configure it on a non-Distro FreePBX installation.

Unfortunately, if your application is bypassing VoIP blocks in Egypt, there are credible posts indicating that the ISPs also block OpenVPN. Also, if your application is in violation of Egyptian law, it is probably inadvisable even if you can find a technical workaround.

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One thing you should never do to circumvent geograpical restrictions like this is to run the openvpn service on port 443.

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