OpenVPN Client Config empty

I have System Admin Pro and have configured the Open VPN server per the Wiki. However, when I log into the UCP and download the VPN client config, it downloads as an empty zip file (

Any suggestions?

Also having same issue. Waiting for reply.

I experienced the same problem. I was ignoring the xmpp login prompt after logging into UCP.
After login to both UCP and xmpp the download yielded the perfect config file. I hope that work for you too.

I was able to finally get the xmpp login working, still getting a blank zip file for vpn access.

Same problem here. empty zip file

EZ Fix for me. Missed the enable button on the main VPN settings page

I am not sure what it was for me either. I revisted this issue after seeing a response on this thread - and without changing anything (except I am not sure if any of my coworkers ran updates on this PBX in the intervening time), it worked. I can’t say for sure what my fix was but only that it is now working as expected.