OpenVPN cert renewals

When the built in OpenVPN cert expires and you have “auto renew” set to “yes” the OpenVPN server will automatically restart to generate a new certificate.

I assume any phones attached and using the OpenVPN connection will need to have their profiles rebuilt in EPM and then be updated? Or must they completely re-provision?

Not sure, you may have to test and report back.

The phone will need to be reprovisioned. It needs to get the new config to get the new certs to connect with.

re-provisioned as in wipe it and totally re-provision or just update the configs in EPM and push to the phones?

Whitelist the IP addresses in the Firewall or enable Responsive Firewall, Take each of the phones off VPN in EPM > Extension Mapping, make sure you still have control of the phones, Rebuild the VPN certificates in SysAdmin, then put the phones back on to VPN in EPM > Extension Mapping.

Edit: The IP addresses I am referring to is the Public IP for the internet connections, not the VPN IPs.

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