OpenVPN Cannot Start

I’m not sure for how long this has been an issue, because we don’t use remote phones often, but now when I needed it to work, it’s not working.

I had set up a remote phone with openvpn via the System Admin module just fine, but something broke it.

I ran into some issues with expired certificates. I deleted the vpn server and re-created it with new certificate and re-added the client, but the vpn server is not starting.

The following is the error I see:

Options error: In [CMD-LINE]:1: Error opening configuration file: server.conf

I have no idea where this server.conf file is supposed to be. I can find no such file anywhere in the /etc/openvpn directory so I don’t know if it was never made or permissions are off or what.

I also upgraded to System Admin module without any resolution to this problem.

I noticed that I am incorrect. To check the specific VPN Server:

systemctl status [email protected]_server1.service

Which is working. I’ll have to figure out why the phone is not connecting, as a separate issue.

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