Openvox B100E and FreePBX 14 (SNG7)


I am trying to install a Openbox B100E and according to this the card is tested (aka it works) with SNG7 + FreePBX14. It seems that Dahdi config module does not recognize the card even when zaphfc has been enabled. Is there something else I can do for this card to work?


The linked page hasn’t been edited since early 2016, so it is not referring to SNG7 specifically. Does your card require a specific DAHDI version or it’s own drivers?

I am not entirely sure as to what DAHDI version is required.

How I solve it (and I don’t like this solution) is to download DAHDI from here: and recompile it. After that it worked fne. That poses a problem when DAHDI is update from FreePBX RPMs

Correct Openvox requires you to use a forked version of DAHDI for most of there cards. You are correct that upgrades of the RPM will break the card. I suggest using a Digium or Sangoma Card if you don’t want to be recompliling dahdi each time as they are supported natively without patches to dahdi.

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