OpenLDAP and the FreePBX backend db

We’re deploying Siemens OpenStage80 phones throughout our organization, and they have a Directory Lookup feature on the phone. What we want to do is setup OpenLDAP so it querys the FreePBX mysql backend for the extension and username info.

Does anyone even remotely know how to do this? I see that I’d have to use back-sql ( but don’t really know how to start. Any help would be appreciated.

Unless you have hundreds of users, or add and remove somebody every day and need it active the moment they are updated why put the server under a load like that all the time.

Most phones support a static directory list, almost every phone also supports a scheduled check/reload (for like 4 am). So you can create a directory list and each phone will reload it from a common location and place no load on ldap, the network or the server and any potential problems if they can’t talk at that moment.

Only when you have a larger list then the phone can handle, or need to show add/move/changes within minutes of it happening should you look to solutions like you are looking at.

Yeah, thats exactly what I need it for. It’s going to be a 1500 phone deployment. Any ideas?

So, any help on this yet? I have no clue how to configure OpenLDAP for this.