Opening ports on FreePBX OS


I have successfully installed Tailscale on FreePBX Linux OS.

I can ping to and from the PBX and the firewall.

What I am struggling with however is SIP connections. I have setup the webGUI firewall and associated the Tailscale NIC with “internet” and added the WAN IP into the SIP settings.

None of this seems to work. I am thinking that maybe I need to open ports in the OS via SSH or something. It’s almost like the port isn’t opening.



sngrep (and tcpdump) capture incoming traffic ahead of the FreePBX firewall, so if you don’t see registration attempts there, it’s likely something wrong with where or how the cloud firewall is forwarding them.

If you do see the registration attempts, confirm that they are being sent to the correct address and port. Also, look at the source address and confirm that it is marked as trusted in FreePBX firewall.

This all assumes that the registration attempts show nothing in the Asterisk log… If something appears there, use pjsip logger to see the packets and why they are being mishandled.