Opening Extension Config and Pressing Submit - Woops Error


The OSS End Point Manager is causing your error and not a module supported by FreePBX and is broken in FreePBX 13. You will need to remove that module.

Thanks, that is a warning that would be good to know by anyone considering 13. I have a small number of extensions, a license to Endpoint Module but have not installed it and have not paid the new support fee.

I have already downgraded to 6.12.65-31. Can you let us know if OSSEP becomes compatible with 13?

The OSS Endpoint manager is community maintained. If you or anyone wishes to submit patches that fix bugs, add features or devices or to bring it current please see:

Ok… That’s a little like giving away a free car but no wheels. Let me ask, is there potential for version of EndPoint Manager which could be bundled with FreePBX. An EP Lite, however that could be implemented? It would support we small installations with more manual effort but without the need for your ongoing support of the vast database of devices. Please kick it around.

The OSS EPM was a project by a community member for the community. A better example is some nice guy gave you a free car now you think he is a jerk because he is not paying for your gas and all your maintenance. The upkeep can be a full time job. We have been trying for a while to get folks to give back and maintain it. Unfortunately everyone wants the free car, no one wants to pay for gas or upkeep.

As mentioned above maintaining an endpoint configuration utility is an ongoing full time job. It requires a developer to test, update, test and test some more. This is why the original developer stopped developing it. This is also why no one has picked it up and ran with it.

Yes, I get that. I suggest we still need an endpoint manager of some sort which is part of the base FreePBX distro. It should facilitate our configuration of our devices where we might have one or two device types so that we can take on much of the burden of configuration, much like OSS does. If Endpoint Manager was used as the starting point, less the extensive database and support, it would complete the concept of FreePBX as a complete solution for installations with one or two device types.

I have never turned on my EP module because I have only Aastra phones and they are running well as configured. If I wanted to support multiple types of devices, I would use the full EP solution and be glad to pay for support. Not using EP and support is not failure to support, it is just the piratical decision.

I love FreePBX but will not change my mind that FreePBX without an supported EP solution means it falls short of its promise.

Promise? to be a “FREE” “PBX” It seems to work fine as a PBX and it is FREE. What am I missing. Feel free to take over development or chip in to the bounty for the OSS EPM.

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I’m going to make one big obvious statement here since this thread is being spread around on Internet forums to incite dramatic and FUD filled responses.

The “errors” are because we, the developers, increased the error reporting level in freepbx 13 dramatically. It’s very high now. The error reporting change was done several months ago and was talked at length in at least two recent blogs (the reasoning and such). Unfortunately, It broke many things but it’s also solved many things…

This is both good and bad:

Good in that it stops crappy code and helps to fix buggy code. Freepbx has long since been attacked for its subpar code. We want to make this a thing of the past.

Bad in that many unsupported modules break. Are they hard to fix? No not really and if you set your own error reporting level in freepbx (yes it’s documented) the module will work just fine. Guess what you can also fix them and we will publish them. Just like what we did for custom contexts last month. More people should just come along and fix things. It helps us all out.

Freepbx itself is very flexible. You can modify the code. Sign your own modules. Change error reporting levels. This is what makes it so open and yes also free.

There are over 40 contributed modules ( ). OSS endpoint is one of them because I work on core freepbx now. The FUD spreaders like to make it seem like there is a different motive but there’s not. I just do not have time to devote to every module that was once included in FreePBX (that would mean I would help to maintain something like 167 different modules). Along with the fact that I now maintain core FreePBX, leaves little time to devote to other projects, especially ones I am not actively involved in anymore. Of course I also enjoy other activities like cycling outside of work. When I was originally working on OSS Endpoint it was between the hours of me getting off work (6pm) to around 11pm. Every night. I didn’t have a social life and this process eventually wore me out. Is the development of open source endpoint manager more important than developments in freepbx? Our stats this last year speak for themselves.

There is a recent thread on the PIAF forums where it looked like they were going to revive the project. Which we were happy for (me especially!). Unfortunately the last few posts in the topic appear to be a ploy to poke the bear (their words), speculate about me (wrong information) and insinuate that the high error level was enacted to break this single module because it was being talked about in the PIAF forums. It doesn’t look hopeful at this point. It’s a shame people believe the FUD they read in other places but I can’t control that.

I suggest if you really want OSS Endpoint to work and be updated that you talk to the group of individuals on PIAF and help them get back on track. One can only hope they will listen.

Here’s the commit from May 5th well before internet speculation and rumors.

Andrew, Lots of good input.

I think that it good to remember that there are many types of FreePBX/Asterisk users out here. The extremes are those of us with no Linux and current development platform experience who are just focused on having a computer based flexible VOIP phone system. The other end of the spectrum are those who have intense exposure to FreePBX technology and may have even modified it for their own special needs.

I am the former, a technologically experienced person in a small business without the luxury of diving into FPBX/* due to my other demands. This tilts my point of view toward needing FPBX/* to being reliable, straight forward to maintain and requiring as little diving into the overhead of Linux or other complexity as possible.

I represent a segment of the user base who is resistant to building skills outside of the FreePBX user interface, not because we can’t, because we are focused on other work and just want a phone system. Do not take this to mean we are depreciating your world. When I make suggestions like above, I am revealing my point of view not attacking the application. My comments on End Point are just that and meant precipitate consideration of the issue. It may be that having two versions of supported EP has not been considered and might make it easier to sell a lot more licenses for full EP due to ease of upgrade. As it is, going from OSS to EP is more difficult.

In addition, while I appreciate your detail on the origin of the problem, I don’t have as much time as some to follow posts and pick through announcements over time. For whatever reason, I have been unable to find clear information on your recommendations on the latest versions in order to judge when to make the upgrade.

So, I do often wonder what you guys are recommending we do and what we can expect. I would like to see a notice board with official news on releases. It would include, for example, the importance of and current recommendation on updates and any action items or admin changes which result.

Happy New Year, and Thanks Again

As previously mentioned you can turn off the error reporting/handler in FreePBX and the module would work fine in FreePBX 13. That is the “easy” part. Just turn off error handling all together, it doesn’t require “countless hours”.

Documentation here:

Thanks, I will use that info when I am able to try to upgrade again. :relaxed: