OpenFire? Should I install on the same box with distro?

Hi everyone,

I like to have an IM server.

Basically my team can chat among each other, then can video call or phone call (think openfire can do that, hmm).

a) Can I achieve above with openfire? or is there a better open source solution? Actually I prefer if chatting, phone calls and video conferences calls can be in 1 platform, easier to use too.
b) Should I install OpenFire on the same distro? After all I need OpenFire to use asterisk engine?

My team is small, around 5 people. Max will be around 15 people.

Any tips for me? Thanks.

PBX In A Flash is a distribution of FreePBX, im not sure if my terminology is correct. but that’s what it is!

Actually what does “PBX in a Flash” has anything to do with freepbx or openfire? confused?

“Why should I install it?
There have been a number of requests for this program to be installed on servers that contain PBX in a Flash. We DO NOT recommend using your PBX in a Flash server for anything other than what it was designed for! However we firmly believe in your right to do what you want to your server no matter how ill advised it is. That being said we are unable to offer ANY support in our forums for your experience with Openfire.”

Noted and thanks.