Openfire Integration Help

Hi I’ve installed Openfire 3.8.2 on the same server as my FreeBPX 4.211.64-5 system. Both are working well. I have installed the Asterisk-IM plugin for Openfire and it logs into FreePBX ok and set up the Phone mappings in the Asterisk IP plugin as required.

No my problem is that presence indication from a busy extension does not set the XMPP status of the mapped jabber user to “On the Phone” as it’s supposed to. Additionally incoming calls do not send messages to the associated jabber user.

If anyone has experience of setting this up successfully I’d be grateful if you could let me know how you did it, maybe i missed some vital step out or maybe I’m not the only one with this problem and there s bug in there somewhere?

My XMPP clients include a mix of Spark, Xabber and Jitsi. I would have expected this to work at least on the Spark client if not the others?

Please excuse the typo in my original post for Asterisk IP read Asterisk IM.
I dont seem to be able to edit my original post, sorry.

Another observation my extensions status doesnt show in Settings -> Extension Settings when the extension is busy, should it? The “Status Enabled” checkbox isn’t checked either but this option is set to Enabled for my extension.

I’m seeing these errors (amongst others, but this seems most relevant) in the Openfire Server Error Log:
2013.09.19 11:48:06 org.asteriskjava.manager.internal.EventBuilderImpl - Unable to set property ‘channeltype’ to ‘SIP’ on org.asteriskjava.manager.event.PeerStatusEvent: no setter

Any ideas on how I correct this?

I’m not an expert but: which asterisk-java is your (hosting Openfire and/or Asterisk) system actually using?

Hi, my Openfire server is using:
Java Version: 1.6.0_41 Sun Microsystems Inc. – Java HotSpot™ Server VM

I’m not sure how I find out which version FreePBX is using but i can tell you it’s the latest, installed from Distro.

Well, maybe I’m advising you to a wrong route (hope not) but I found this very old post (2009!) regarding the same error and seem it was related to an ancient version of asterisk-java component. I really don’t know how components (Asterisk, asterisk-java, Java and Openfire are interacting…)
Maybe I’m wrong…I’m not an expert on that.

This looks very promising, many thanks for this. Like you I’m not sure what the next steps are for curing this, but its something to go on. Thanks again.

It’s my pleasure, I’m just curious to see if (and how) the OpenFire and Asterisk integration will works, so when all will be running fine for you let me know in some way. By now I’m making practice in administering a very basic (in terms of used functionalities among those that are available) FreePBX Distro system but in the medium/long term I’ll implement other interesting features like you’re doing now.