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I am working with several medical and dental offices and have been getting a lot of competition from a Ring Central vendors boasting OpenDental and Dentaltek integration to the Ring Central system. This integration allows inbound caller ID from SIP trunks to pop open the patient record automatically in OpenDental.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience in fighting back against such integrations with Sangoma solutions like freepbx, pbxact, sipstation.

I have a fairly urgent need to combat the competition as they keep working their way in to my clients with this solution. I am pretty sure Dentaltek is using a call list of Opendental users.

Any integration solutions or ideas would be appreciated.

We researched a lot of VoIP vendors before selecting Sangoma as our partner and we really love the solutions they offer, but Doctors, Dentists, Dermatologists, and other medical pros want automation, including automated appointment scheduling and confirmation, reminder calls, and other time saving integrations.

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I don’t recall it ever being discussed here before, but if OD has a simpleish http(s) API that you can use to trigger a popup, then you could do one of:

  • Use CallerID Superfecta to trigger an API call immediately when the call arrives at the PBX
  • Use Zulu Desktop to trigger an API call when the call is answered by a specific user
  • Use a Custom Extension that rings together with the reception phone to trigger an API call when a local extension rings.

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From this perspective, OpenDental is nothing more than a CRM integration.

Sangoma could look at adding it to the commercial CRM module as an integration.

The open source community could help with something via CID Superfecta as @lgaetz suggested.

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That would be awesome. I also think this would be great in several other Medical Office software. We have several GP Doctors, several Dermatologists, Surgeons, Specialists, and Optometrist as well as our Dental clients that all want this kind of tech.

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Is the Appointment Reminder an additional fee or is it included with PBXact?

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I’ve been using Zulu and the “Link to URL” feature to open a customers HubSpot (crm) information.${CALLERID(name)}

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