OpenCNAM Pro

Hi, I am using AsteriskNOW 3, with FreePBX installed.

CallerID Lookup

After enabling opencnam pro and putting in the ID and key, the calls are still not showing in the CDR reports (not currently in front of the phones, so using cdr and voicemail manager to check) with the name lookup. During a previous installation set up exactly like this, I was getting name lookups.

OpenCNAM set up correctly in callerID lookup module, and selected in the incoming trunk. Accepting callerID’s through the digium card is set to yes (shows only unknown without it).

It seems to be not working and I haven’t the foggiest idea why? Any help would be appreciated!


Hi Luis,

I’m able to help you debug this on the OpenCNAM side of things (if this isn’t a FreePBX issue). If you shoot me an email: [email protected] I’ll get in touch with you and help debug =)