OpenCNAM Not working?

I am trying to get opencnam working. I am currently being charged 1 penny for every look up. It sounds small but it defiantly adds up.

I have:

Selected OpenCnam in callerid lookup
Set it as well in the inbound route
Tested it … Not working

I then found and followed the freepbx section.

What am i missing? WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THIS WORKING! Maybe a module in conflict?

Thank You,

Sent this to them:

I am looking to start your service. We are paying twice as much for lookups. I dought 60 will be enough but want to get it working before I commit. I am using freepbx and have followed ALL instructions. However, I just do not see the CNAM on the ip phones?

I have just to clarify,

Configured everything from here:

and have an inbound route set to opencnam but I get nothing but the callers number?

I have even gone so far to install freepbx on my home PC and am still having the same issue?

What am I doing wrong?

I have the solution!

The guide that you see on OpenCNAM is out of date and does not work.

To get it working:
Go to Administartor, Caller Id Lookup Services,

For source type select OpenCNAM not http as the guide says.
If using the professional tier select the checkbox
enter credentials (sid, token)
In a Inbound route select OpenCNAM under caller id lookup

Really quite simple and it is there guide that makes it confusing. I was also told you will receive better results with the paid version ($0.004 a lookup) then the free. This is still half of what voipms was charging me. It also works great with Google Voice and you can pay one company for all of your lookups.

Thank You