OpenCnam delaying IVR answer by about 10 seconds

I am working on a pbx (FreePBX 12.0.1rc25) and have installed Opencnam. I’ve entered all the credentials correctly. When i use it in an inbound route, the IVR will not answer for a good 8-10 seconds. If i turn off opencnam, it will pick up in the first few seconds like it should. This seems to be the cause for this delay. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Its about 1 second delay for me.

Seems like a opencnam issue and the time it takes to resolve. Are you using their paid or free version?

i am using the paid version. I’ve used it on other systems with no issues, but this one machine seems to delay the answer till it times out I guess. if i turn it off, the call answers immediately.

If the problem only occurs on one machine, and OpenCNAM isn’t responding on that machine, then I’d double check your settings on that machine and also verify that DNS is working on that machine.