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Greetings! I 'm attempting to configure openvpn for the first time using an S500 phone. Are you giving the box a Public IP Address/putting it on the internet or are you putting an SBC or firewall between the internet and FreePBX box? Putting the server directly on the internet seems risky at best. Can the S500 phones be configured to connect to a firewall? Juniper, Cisco??


The S series have an OpenVPN client built in, and the only supported way of using it is to provision the phone with EPM and connect directly to the OpenVPN service on the PBX. It’s probably possible with some effort to connect to another VPN server, but not a configuration that is supported.

When I enabled endpoint manager the server gave me a message to disable or remove the FreePBX digium phone mod. Is that a reference to Digium Phones Config Module? If upgraded, what manufacturers does the endpoint manager recognize? Is there a list? Also, do I need to put the server on a public ip?

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The free version will support all Sangoma/Digium devices. The paid version supports more

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