Open Telephony Training Seminar Questions

I am trying to find out any information on the pending Training seminar and if or when it will be held. My boss is wanting to send me to it and provide full coverage of costs for travel and expenses…makes me motivated!

The below is the only information I can find and when trying to “book” the event it shows there is nothing available. Which to me tells me it either is completely sold out or is not yet set up at all. I hope for the latter and any information some one could provide would be great.

I tried to look around for direct contact information to some one but that does not seem to exist either. I may just not be looking in the correct spot though.

Thank you in advance!

Gathered and known information:
Where: Tenative Phoenix, Arizona
When: July or August 2013

The final dates for this training have not been finalize just yet. Stay tuned to for more information or watch our blog as we usually blog about upcoming training dates. We hope to be able to provide more information soon.

I appreciate the quick response…I will keep an eye out!

I was more worried I had missed it and the website had just not been updated or something along those lines all be it unlikely that was my fear.

Thanks again!

The next training session has been announced

WOW Thanks so much for updating my random forum post with the update info!