Open port 80 for Web call Back

I have the web call back module installed and working properly, but I didn’t know that the request actually comes from the end point browser, so now I need to open port 80 . Is there any other option ? What happens if I open port 80 will the GUI be accessible for all too ?

You might consider a proxy like NGINX in between the world and your PBX.

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The browser initiates the request to where ever the web page is hosted, but the call initiation comes from the web host, not the browser. You only need to white list your webhost on the PBX.

I’ve white listed the web server IP but its not loading . It only load on my pc which is also white listed.
I did a tcpdump , request comes from the end point IP not the web server !!!
Am I missing something here ?

Thanks , I guess I’ll do that if I don’t find a better solution.

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