Open FreePBX Admin page - error (PHP PEAR must be installed)

Hi all,
since 2 days I have following error: I open “http://serverip/admin” page I see an empty page ant the header adress change to http://serverip/admin/config.php. I see no error warning. An other page is “recording” page: “http://serverip/recordings” - I get the message “PHP PEAR must be installed. Visit for help with installation.”

I yuse the “PBX in a Flash 1.2” with FreePBX 2.4.1 and all updates.

Any help?

Best REgards Markus Warlich

FOP, WEBMIN and SugarCRM are running fine. So php is working.

Regards Markus

What did you do two days ago?

You are right, I deinstall Bacula maybe this was my mistake. Deinstall and reinstall PEAR-PHP solve the error.
Thanks for help.

Regards Markus