Open a door with FreePBX

Hi all,

I’m looking for a way to open a door from FreePBX. I have a contact, coming from an electrical, basically it’s 2 wires and when I hold them together the door will open.
All I need is that I take a phone, dial a number and the door will open.

Obviously, I need some sort of interface. I could add an ATA and connect a ring-up relay to that. But it would be very nice if I could do it in another way. Another wish of mine is to be able to control multiple relays, so I call a number, the interface answers and when I press 1 relay 1 will switch, 2 for relay 2 and so on and if I press 9 all relays will switch together.

Anyone knows of such a device?

You can purchase Algo SIP Doorphones that will do what you need. You can sign up and purchase here:

A couple of suggestions if you are handy with a soldering iron:

Adds more remote control than just one relay, but they are analog and you will need an ATA or other analog card/device.

Not the intended use for the device but:

Connect both wires in to 1 port. Then put a loop back in to the 3rd or 4th port.

USB controlled you tell it to flip ports momentarily to the loopback via AGI, Dialplan or direct API call…

The best way to open a door with an electric striker is to use a Viking or Bogen Door controller. They will accept either a FXO or FXS line (depending on the model). You can dial a number, the box will answer, then press a key (* or similar) and the door will buzz open.

There are several different models, but here is one that could work:

You could also search for “Bogen Door Controller”