Op-panel not starting

I have a problem with op-panel not starting on ubuntu 7.10.

The op panel screen shows the message Couldn’t load variables.txt?aldope=9232

When I attempt to start it by hand nothing happens. No messages, nothing in /var/log/op-panel it just doesn’t start and there is no indication that anything is wrong.

I checked the admin password in /etc/op-panel/ and that is OK.

I think amportal is not working.

from console launch:


is amportal working??? or you receive a text info from console telling that you have to change something in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf???

that is the solution… after you have to put amportal to start from the boot …


If amportal isn’t started op-panel won’t work. I had this same problem and found the fix to be quite simple.

From your console enter:

echo /usr/sbin/amportal start >> /etc/rc.local

This will start amportal automatically on system boot.

Hope this works for you.