Ooh323 installation

Hi Team,
I have install FreePBX 14 and Asterisk 13.18.4 im trying to install ooh323 channel
when i run module load chan_ooh323.so i get an error
chan_ooh323.c:2834 reload_config: Unable to load config ooh323.conf, OOH323 disabled
when i create the ooh323.conf
run module load chan_ooh323.so
i get disconnect form astersik i cant reconnect till i delete the ooh323.conf then it connects back

please help
what im doing wrong thank you.

Hi, are you creates the file from Admin -> Config Edit -> Add New File?
You actually can create the file and leave the content empty, and then run “service asterisk restart” see what will be happened.

It worked when i did form the GUI i was creating the file from the cli

thank you