Only ulaw?

Hi Friends,

I tried uploading mp3 and wav files for MOH feature. The following error msg appears.

Error Processing: “sh: mpg123: command not found
sox: Can’t open input file ‘/var/lib/asterisk/mohmp3/orig_Symphony_In_C_Major_30.wav’: No such file or directory” for Symphony_In_C_Major_30.mp3!

This is not a fatal error, your Music on Hold may still work.

But the file is shown on the GUI. I also checked '/var/lib/asterisk/mohmp3’and found the audio file that i uploaded. But i only hear dead air during hold.

I observed tat when i leave it on ‘default’ for MOH i get some music. I guess they are from the ulaw files in mohmp3 folder.

Does it mean i cant use mp3 or wav files?? If so where can i get ulaw files or suggest me a converter to change mp3,wav files to ulaw.

Thanks for your time.


FreePBX - Version
Music on Hold - Version

I have FreePBX Base Version:
and Music on Hold

I think these are supported asterisk formats: wav, ulaw, alaw, sln, gsm, or g729.

Although I have some trouble with my wav’s.

What versions are you running?

I found this note:

Pretty much any mp3 will work with PiaF. Prior to that, it’s better to convert it to a standard format. When converting MP3 music use the following settings for the best result:
Bit Rate: 128
Constant Bit Rate (CBR)
no ID3 Tagging

PIAF supports native MP3. To change or add to your music on hold collections, simply upload all your MP3 to PIAF through the Music On Hold screen of FreePBX.
You may also need to add the following, under [channels] in your zapata.conf file: